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I am Divya an independent housewife in Mumbai. I am 32 years separate good looking housewife staying alone in Mumbai because of my Divorce. I belong to Punjabi family and working with a multi national company in Gurgaon. I have been staying separate from three years. Now I need a company with some one decent gentleman because I need fulfil my physical requirements and a good partner, with whom I can spend some time or night with Drink, fun and sex on bed.

I have so many housewife friends, some are married and some are separate like but, all love to drink, enjoy the parties, call gigolos for night fun and celebrate weekend.

I love sex but its my problem I have no husband thats why I started escort job to fulfil my physical needs. If you require any Housewife Escorts in Mumbai like me, So Please call MR. Jaipal and book your appointment for home or hotel service.

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I only wanted to be energized so that my husband is delighted with my presence when he arrived we made love like a newly wed couple but the adventure that is there in meeting young boys was missing I knew that there is far more to life than being with your husband every day I had to wait to have sex with him and I would always dress up in a kinky attire and wait for hours there have obviously been days when he has ignored my desires to be with him and instead I have been so reliant on myself to fulfill my needs that I have started looking at boys with more interest this is when I was not providing Housewife Escort Services and I remember this time with triple delight as I took my life in my own hands to have ecstasy and fun every day I watched boys and girls have fun and romance in the park every evening and I was a tad jealous to see that I do not have the kind of scintillating romance they have I thought that this revealing mystery that is there in having sex with a good young boy is gone from my life forever but I was not accepting this life forever.

My friend told me that there are escorts who get paid for services and you just have to go to a hotel for them and I do not have to leave anything I have I thought about it I could be at my house in the day and at night when I am with my husband and for the other time I would go to a hotel to be with a man I asked if I can choose and if it is easy to find dates for this work and I was told that it is really easy all I have to be is the sexy self that I have been and so I started going out with sophisticated men and youthful boys as well and I was no longer jealous of anyone I enjoyed my life thoroughly and incredibly had fun so I knew that this is the life I had been waiting for so I found that I must be so delightful and continue with this double life hiding from my husband that I go out and I always knew that my dream life is somewhere though I had no idea that this is the path I need to take so I enjoyed the time that my husband gave me and still I rely on young men and enthusiastic boys to provide what I need in terms of naughty and wild sex.

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I always replied very fast to boys and men who were interested in me and I continued to find time for them and then I was left with a boy who was all ready to marry me and make me his princess I was dreaming of this life and then my friends started speaking progressively about the needs that are required of a wife I knew that he is a gentleman who is heartily interested in me with excitement and passion but I knew that I will be cooking and cleaning and managing a huge family I was still very excited and this kind of spirit is so right in these times I sort of reflected that I must be so intrigued by this life that I must not think again but then so many people were speaking to me on this topic and telling me that this life is going to involve very messy details that I must know about and I could not see how I am going to be free in this meaningful life according to everyone I knew so then I started to look and observe couples and along with that I saw the young boys that I knew.

Right then it occurred to me that I must live a life that I suited to me and so fantastic that is the best life ever so I found that I need to find a way to live the life I want I wanted everything in life and I wanted to live in a bigger house and also have fun with enthusiastic and delighted sexy mature men and also college boys who may be models as well so then I found another boy for myself to get married so I live in a house where I am free to do what I want and I do not have to cook or clean I felt that along with this I must find a way to learn about escort services and that is how I came to know about Housewife Call Girls in Mumbai and I became one of them after getting married since then I have been enjoying the services of my husband while I offer services to boys who are in need for pleasurable company and a diva who is very sexy and mature and these rendering services and delicate and gentle in nature along with being very satisfactory.

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